Observations for November 2017

Our November weather is beginning to trudge into winter. Spectacular fall days still pop up from time to time, but colder, grayer days are beginning to predominate. The maples have faded as they lose their leaves, first at top and then, as the month progresses, all the way to the bottom. Now the beeches and the conifers stand out in Kent’s damp forests. The hiking trails, hidden under the fallen leaves, become harder to follow, and the woodland’s insect and amphibian singers are one by one becoming silent for the season.

Of course, when one season ends another follows. The transition to late fall means it’s time to look up. The dark comes early and when the clouds drift away, the night temperature drops. A cool temperature calms and dries the atmosphere. When that happens the early winter sky invites us to bundle up, go outside and have a look. There, reaching from horizon to horizon, shines the outer edge of the outer spiral arm of our home galaxy, the huge river of stars too numerous to count that we call the Milky Way.

Tell us what you see or hear or smell as we move into early winter. Share it with the 160+ subscribers to the Kent CAC Nature Almanac! It’s easy — click here then scroll to the end of the page and fill in the form. (Your first observation might take a little while to show up since we need to manually process it to help keep “spam” to a minimum.) We’ll pick your observation up and assemble it with others for publication at the end of the month. Or, if you’d prefer, you can send your observations to almanac@kentcac.info. Either way works!

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