Observations for July 2017

Isn’t it strange how June seems to rush by while February drags on forever? Now it’s July and and the natural world is taking full advantage of the long warm days. Don’t forget that you’re a part of nature, too! It’s time to join in the fun and get out to see what’s happening all around us.

Don’t let the long, soft days of summer get completely filled with “people stuff.” Get out and see something that reawakens you to the stunningly beautiful place we live in. Then share it with the 150+ subscribers to the Kent CAC Nature Almanac! It’s easy – click here then scroll to the end of the page and fill in the form. (Your first observation might take a little while to show up since we need to manually process it to help keep “spam” to a minimum.) We’ll pick your observation up and assemble it with others for publication at the beginning of August. Or, if you’d prefer, you can send your observations to almanac@kentcac.info. Either way works!